Making campuses smaller

The Smart Walk project gives you a short, safe, and worry free commute between two buildings on campus. Founded by students who were tired of long walks between classes, Smart Walk aims to simplify navigation across large campuses. While some routes save time, others are more accessible and warm. Smart Walk acts as a one stop platform to find that perfect route so you can focus on your destination. This project would help college freshmen, first time visitors, and prospective students navigate the campus in a more streamlined , focused way instead of spending half their time asking for directions.

Late to class?

Reach to your classrooms on time so you don't have to miss the precious few minutes of your exam. We have all been there.


Find out all the Accessible entrances/exits on your route to ensure that you have a worry free commute on-campus.'s cold

Use Smart Walk to find routes passing through buildings to keep warm. No more slipping on the ice now.